Orthodox Catechism Videos


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Part 1: Intro: Entering the ChurchClick Here for video
                                              Audio-Entering the Church

Part 2: On True God Click Here for video
                                               Audio-True God

Part 3: On the Human Being –Click Here for video
                                                    Audio-Human Being

Part 4: On Sin Click Here for video
                                        Audio-On Sin

Part 5: Jesus Christ: The Son of GodClick Here for video  
                                            Audio-Jesus Christ The Son of God

Part 6: Jesus Christ: The Savior –Click Here for video
                                              Audio-Jesus Christ the Savior

Part 7: On Repentance and Faith – Click Here for video
                                                 Audio-Repentance and Faith

Part 8: The Holy Spirit- Click Here for video
                                           Audio-The Holy Spirit

Part 9: The Church – Click Here for Video
                                          Audio-The Church

Part 10: The Virgin Mary – Click Here for Video 
                                              Audio-The Virgin Mary

Part 11: The Spiritual Life & Spiritual Warfare – Click Here for Video

On Stewardship – Click Here for Video

Part 12: The Mystery of Holy Baptism – Click Here for Video

An Understanding of Great LentClick Here for Video

Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving – Click Here for Video 

Sources of Divine Authority – Click Here for Video 



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